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  1. Digital Transformation in the Aviation Supply Chain

    By Oscar Martinez In the fast-paced world of aviation, embracing digital operational strategies has become critical for suppliers to stay competitive and efficient. As such, aerospace suppliers have begun to harness the power of digital technologies including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), to revolutionize how they manage and present their inventory…

  2. The New ESG Supply Chain

    By Juan Carlos Flores ESG, or corporate attention to Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities, has gained increasing importance in recent years.  It plays a crucial role in an organization’s operations, touching and requiring consideration in almost every aspect of business. Consequently, it’s no surprise that ESG factors are gaining significance in Supply Chain operations. For…

  3. Unlocking Value: Automating the Purchasing Process

    By Magda Granados In recent years, the aviation industry has seen the automation of the purchasing process gain greater relevance. While there are certainly challenges associated with this change, the potential for automation to deliver significant value to the purchasing process, through both time and cost optimization, is undeniable.  First, one must understand the impact…

  4. Customer Integration as a Differentiated Business Tool

    By Carlos Madrid If economist Michael Porter, known for his theory stating that “competitiveness in an industry depends on the capacity of the industry to innovate and upgrade,” was to define a recipe for success, he would surely list technology development as a primary activity that is absolutely essential to create value for customers. Likewise,…

  5. What’s New in Supply Chain?

    By Marta Mejia Since early 2020, both the supply chain and international trade have faced major challenges and changes. The disruption and snowball effects of the COVID-19 crisis created pain points impacting virtually every industry. Related workforce shortages in major airports and ocean ports caused delays and bottlenecks in import and export operations. Skyrocketing freight…

  6. Airline MRO Parts (AMP) signs long-term agreement with Lufthansa Technik

    “AMP is excited about partnering with Lufthansa Technik in one of their strongest performing products to support our Airline and MRO customers,” said Michael James, AMP Vice President of Supplier Alliances. So are we! Airline MRO Parts (AMP) has signed a long-term agreement with Lufthansa Technik for the supply of Consumable & Expandable (C&E) materials….

  7. Boeing Enters Parts Package Agreement with AMP

    Boeing and Airline MRO Parts (AMP) signed a Tailored Parts Package (TPP) agreement, exemplifying a truly collaborative approach to addressing customer needs. The contract makes Boeing a supplier for AMP’s parts business and identifies Boeing as a “Platinum Supplier.” Boeing’s Parts & Distribution Services team worked together to provide a single proposal across the elements of our parts business, increasing the efficiency of our response.

  8. Achieving 10X Growth with Hyper Automation of Aviation Supply Chain

    Hear from industry leaders on how automation coupled with end-to-end integration plays a key role in driving efficiencies, optimizing costs and pivoting to new business models in aviation supply chain ecosystem.

  9. AMP MRO Parts Replacing Inventory with Data

    Replacing inventory with data, speed, and automation is the nirvana that many have tried to attain rather unsuccessfully, until now. In this article, we’re going to look at how this concept has been implemented in a hyper-connected mode at AMP.