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AMP provides innovative solutions to reach higher standards of communication and transparency with your end-customer.

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The Traditional Sales Proccess is Dated

  1. 1

    Slow Response To Quotes

  2. 2

    Buyer Bias

  3. 3

    Lack Of Data Visibility And Consistency


AMP SMART Selling changes the game

  • Access to a broader, better customer base

  • Removal of bias

  • Better opportunities to compete on quotes

  • Reporting, tracking and analysis to optimize strategy

  • Quick and easy set-up

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Access Unbiased Demand through our Leading Network of Buyers and our Next Level Automation Solutions

  • Access to an exclusive supplier portal to manage all interactions

  • Automated invoice reconciliation & payment tracking

  • Access relevant customer data and analytics

  • Receive purchase orders in minutes

  • Upstream feedback to identify areas of opportunities

  • Higher product catalog visibility

  • Automated Performance Reporting

    • Quality
    • Pricing
    • Turnaround Time
    • Service Level & more

Improve Sales Performance and Strategy with our SMART Analytics

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